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The Philippines, the other Spanish colony grabbed by the United States, posed a far more difficult problem. As in most of the Far East, the Philippines was happily using a perfectly sound silver currency, the Mexican silver dollar. But the United States was anxious for a rapid reform, because its large armed forces establishment suppressing Filipino nationalism required heavy expenses in US dollars, which it of course declared to be legal tender for payments. Since the Mexican silver coin was also legal tender and was cheaper than the US gold dollar, the US military occupation found its revenues being paid in unwanted and cheaper Mexican coins. The fall of silver values meant monetary depreciation and inflation in the Third World, and it would have been a reasonable policy to shift from a silver-coin to a gold-coin standard. But the new imperialists among US bankers, economists, and politicians were far less interested in the welfare of Third World countries than in foisting a monetary imperialism upon them.

  • For instance, there are far too many churches today, having been influenced by hyper-Pentecostalism and the Latter Rain, that are Pnemacentric.
  • But outside the mainstream, a host of hard-to-ignore voices—from Bohemian artists to early social scientists—took a pessimistic view.
  • In Cuba, on the other hand, there was increasing US investment capital pouring into the Cuban sugar plantations, so that powerful and even dominant US economic interests existed on the other side of the currency reform question.
  • They have reorganized twice since 1986 and gone through major automation and still can't control costs.

The filename extension (such as .csv) is irrelevant for "auto" sep and sep2. Separator detection is entirely driven by the file contents. This can be useful when loading a set of different files which may not be named consistently, or may not have the extension .csv despite being csv. Some datasets have been collected over many years, one file per day for example.

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See this post from Cephalopod for complete андрей волков веста details. If no frays are started against a group of vampirates for a set period of time, the vampirates will get bored and begin to leave the island, one at a time, every five minutes. This makes it easier to fill vampirate fights should they appear in very large numbers. Steeped in the story of the first six African Americans who escaped slavery and became millionaires in Black Fortunes, I have been educated about several people I knew little about.

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As a result, the official heads of the League were Chicago businessmen John V. Farwell and Harry A. Wheeler, president of the US Chamber of Commerce. The director was University of Chicago monetary economist J. Laurence Laughlin, assisted by his former student, Professor H. Parker Willis. "The financial elites of this country, were responsible for putting through the Federal Reserve System as a governmentally created and sanctioned cartel device to enable the nation's banks to inflate the money supply in a coordinated fashion." And yet, Ely had the gall to add that, even though the APS would advertise the NMC's arguments and conclusions, it would retain its "objectivity" by avoiding its own specific policy recommendations.


Twice, new checks from the bank have been delivered to someone else. Those who deliver the mail need to be appropriately trained and expected to do their jobs. Private contractors are not trained and do not care whether mail gets to the correct destination. FeEx and UPS are profitable because they skim the cream of the delivery business.

I was just learning the panning technique in this one. Meanwhile, the convention delegates took the gospel of banking reform to the length and breadth of the corporate and financial communities. Both Taussig and Taylor were monetary theorists who, while committed to a gold standard, urged reform that would make the money supply more elastic. This was before they started outsourcing everything and letting congress raid the funds. The post office never made a profit and was not designed to do so.

Seen the machines that read and sort the most of the mail, all the way to delivery sequence. But just like all issues where compromise is needed people only want to make cuts to the services of others but "not in my backyard". But let's face it, if we want mail delivery it needs to be equitable and we should be willing to pay for it and all share the pain.

The 1975 model featured large federally-mandated impact bumpers, and this example is equipped with recessed fog lights up front. This 1975 Porsche 914 was purchased by the seller in February 2018 and relocated from Seattle, Washington to his home in Southern California shortly thereafter. Finished in Guards Red over black, the car is powered by a 1.8-liter flat-four featuring dual Weber carburetors and mated to a 5-speed manual transaxle.

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